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Dealer Pricing

Below you will be able to find box prices for the products that are available at dealer prices. To place an order please email or message me, but remember that I will most likely reply faster via email


Shipping is done exclusively through UPS, USA is free and international starts at $35 and goes up with the weight of the package

All boxes & cases are first come first serve and even though I try to update the list constantly, there is a possibility that some of the offerings below are out of date on pricing or sold out

If you request 12 boxes, and the product has a 12 box/case configuration, you will be given a sealed case unless stated otherwise

The more you buy of the product that sits for a longer time, the bigger your limits will be for On-Demand releases

All Pricing will update daily in the tables below and may be adjusted multiple times a day. 

The price list is not to be distributed or shared